Practice #23

Here we go, tiptoeing towards the end of the year. We're heading into the deepest part of the year, and in a few short weeks we'll be at Solstice, when things will start to turn [...]

Practice #22

How has this week been for you? Was it sucking the air out of your lungs while you were trying to breathe in? Or were you floating around on a tiny cloud of joy? Let's [...]

Practice #21

Autumn is by far my favourite time for food, and today I'm cold, so I'm feeling a little obsessed. This might be a more involved process for you, should you choose to take me up [...]

Practice #20

Sharp drop in temperature this weekend, and we're all delighted, right? It means you get to stay in all winter and write! BTW - good luck to all you nanowrimos! Set your timer for five [...]

Practice #19

Perhaps it is time for the clocks to go back. These days it's all I can do to get out of bed in the morning, and it goes downhill from there. Set your timer for [...]

Practice #18

Back when I worked in a first edition bookshop we called Tuesday the day of ennui. As far as the working week goes, it's neither here nor there, and it's still all uphill to the [...]