You want to write?

/You want to write?

I know, me too. But does this sound familiar?

When you sit down to write either no words come, or the ones that do are so awful you want to cut off your own hands. 

I know, me too. That’s why I practise.

Come join me.

Practice #34

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The radio hums along in the kitchen, the birds are singing in the garden, the bus heaves its way around the corner. I must be sat at my desk again. So must you. Set your [...]

Practice #33

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Season of mists… Things looking a bit gloomy out of the window? Hurray! Now we can stay in and write! Set your timer for five minute intervals. When it rings, move on to the next [...]

Practice #32: Restriction is the Malicious Aunt of Invention

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In general I'm not a fan of restriction. Purposefully limiting yourself, like refusing to eat carbs, or drink any wine at all in January, only narrows your life in a meaningless way. What does it [...]

Practice #31

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Oh my, is it raining again? I barely noticed, I was so engrossed in my keyboard... I'm too despondent about the weather, climate change, the planet being doomed etc etc, so I'm just rocking it [...]

Practice #Seasonal Writing

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There is a very good reason I added in all the Christmas prompts to the newsletter. It's the same reason you should take armfuls of photos and notes whenever you're on holiday anywhere. It's this: [...]

Practice #30 – Thursday edition

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Thursday. The weekend is almost here. Monday's resolutions seem far behind us. What sustains us in these difficult twenty four hours of transition? Habit. Here's a special Thursday prompt, just in case you felt like [...]