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I love these prompts (they’re inspired by the pillow book lists), but they are challenging, especially for five minutes. All I can say is that after you’ve gone through physical things, real things, emotional things…well, you just have to start making it up. For instance, one of my ‘things that are red’ was a scar that wouldn’t heal. Whose scar? How did they get it? Why will it not heal?

Well, yes, you can, but that’s not going to help, not in the long term.

You can try two things: being specific, and using the senses. If it’s a physical object try to think about a specific instance – describe the slippers your grandad wore to do the gardening, or the ones you had as a child. If it’s an activity try to list all the steps you know about, and be honest about the things you don’t know. Use all of your senses, one by one (how do slippers smell, how cold is it when you go night fishing). You’ll find something to say.