Practice #25

Following on from Arthur Hepplewhite, if you want to you can use practice time to get to know your characters. Whether you're working on something long or short, it never hurts to know more about the pretend people in your head. How would they react to a certain animal? What childhood things, real or imagined, [...]

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Practice #24

Oh me oh my. Hands up who doesn't have the energy today. Hands up if the winter chill is giving you brain freeze. Writing practice is the equivalent of hot chocolate for the brain (it is!). Let me tell you, if you write one sentence, or even half a sentence, that you like today, you're [...]

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Practice #23

Here we go, tiptoeing towards the end of the year. We're heading into the deepest part of the year, and in a few short weeks we'll be at Solstice, when things will start to turn around again. But in order to get back out we have to go all the way in. Let go, today, [...]

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Practice #22

How has this week been for you? Was it sucking the air out of your lungs while you were trying to breathe in? Or were you floating around on a tiny cloud of joy? Let's forget about it, however it was, and go trawling through some deeper memories. Set your timer for five minute intervals. [...]

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Practice #21

Autumn is by far my favourite time for food, and today I'm cold, so I'm feeling a little obsessed. This might be a more involved process for you, should you choose to take me up on it. Set your timer for five minute intervals. When it rings, move on to the next topic. Don’t think [...]

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