Ahem. A Technical Glitch (ie my own idiocy) meant this didn’t get published yesterday. Sorry about that. Which just goes to show that in the beginning we all make mistakes. Then we move on and learn not to make them again. That’s what practice is.

Set your timer for five minute intervals. When it rings, move on to the next topic. Don’t think too hard.

  • A ridiculous animal
  • Plan a serious & uncomfortable conversation
  • Virtual friends
  • Gloves
  • What happened at your grandparent’s wedding?*

* Having realised that I don’t know, and being in a position to call them and find out, I’m going to do that.

25 minutes and you’re done!

The Rules

  1. Write whatever you like prompted by each practice topic – fiction, non fiction, gobbledegook. It doesn’t matter, because these words are not “official”. Write without over-thinking, or stopping.
  2. Keep going, especially if it’s difficult, but not if it will make you give up.
  3. After five minutes switch to the next topic (unless you are completely swept away by something).