Well done! However many days you practiced, however many prompts you managed when you did practice – you did a great job. Better than doing no words at all, right?

Your task for today is to look back over some of the words you produced. Yes, a lot of them will be dreadful, but we’ve accepted that, so just ignore it and carry on. The chances are that some of the prompts produced a spark of something more than mere practice.  You might have touched a theme that interests you, or something that is relevant to a character in something else you’re working on. Gather those little snippets that might grow into something bigger, and set them aside to work on in more depth, after you’ve done your practice.

Remember, there is no Right or Wrong!

Whatever strikes you as interesting, is interesting. Not everything will grow into a novel or a play, but the more work you do, the more you will come to know yourself as an artist, and the more chance you have of running into the seed that will grow.

OK, that’s it for today! Go play, and see you again tomorrow.